About Us

CeReTechs is an Afghan owned and operated company and is a leading Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and telecommunication solution provider company which came into being in 1996, and in March 2002 became the first licensed Internet Service Provider in Afghanistan. CeReTechs is registered with the Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA).

Nowadays CeReTechs is a National Internet Service provider, as well as the only Premium Partner of Cisco Systems, Inc in Afghanistan. In addition, CeReTechs is a partner\authorized distributor of several global ICT brands , like TrippLite, InfinetWireless, Barret, Etisalat.  

CeReTechs also has the privilege to be a Prime Contractor for the wide area network (WAN) expansion IDIQ contract for Ministry of Interior (MOI) and Ministry of Defense (MoD) of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Through this IDIQ, we provide wide area network (WAN) and hard lined network build out and connectivity across Afghanistan from police headquarters at Kabul down to the regions, provinces and districts for the Ministry of Interior (MOI) and its various branches including the Afghans National Police (ANP), Afghan Border Police (ABP), Counter Narcotics and others within the MOI.

CeReTechs is uniquely qualified to address this requirement for a number of reasons in terms of capabilities between the US based major systems and services provider with over 8 years of operational experience in Afghanistan and Afghan Prime contractor and Team subcontractors including the National Telephone Company provide the expertise, infrastructure and human resources to achieve the task orders for implementation of the network build out. The Team’s philosophy is aligned with the Afghan First policy of the US Government:

1. Afghan Leadership and Ownership: Helps ensure that procurement responds to the needs of Afghans and is accountable to the Afghans it is meant to support.
2. Afghan Participation: Promotes the Afghan private sector in their management and delivery of goods and services while fostering entrepreneurship.
3. Afghan Capacity Development: Develops the Afghan labor force.
4. Afghan Sustainability: Over time, local procurement reduces support for the insurgency, makes foreign assistance more effective, and ultimately reduces the dependence of development assistance.

Our Mission

Our Roadmap starts with our mission, which is to be active participants in the growth of the Afghan economy. The goals we have set for our company reflect this mission

  • To focus on national and international business cooperation and partnerships
  • To focus on providing up-to-date and relevant technologies to our clients
  • To compete on a national, regional and international level and represent Afghanistan as a modern and competitive economy
  • To invest in strengthening the technical and business capacities of our employees and local partners

Our Vision

Our vision serves as the framework for our Roadmap and guides every aspect of our business by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth.

  • People: Be a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be and where they can grow their skill sets and abilities at the same time
  • Customers: All our processes, focus and energy will revolve around meeting the needs of our customers in the best possible manner
  • Portfolio: To bring our clients the latest and most relevant technologies on par with global standards
  • Profit: Maximize long-term company returns and ensure the growth of the company, its employees and its partners
  • Partners: Nurture a winning network of customers and suppliers so together we create mutual, enduring value
  • Productivity: Be a highly effective, lean and fast-moving organization
  • Quality: We always strive to deliver the highest quality service/products to our clients to ensure maximum customer satisfaction

Past Performance

  • CeReTechs is an Afghan owned and operated company is a leading Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Solution Provider Company which came into being in 1996 and in March 2002 as the first Internet Service Provider of Afghanistan. We were the first commercial entity to introduce wireless broadband technology for point to point and point to multipoint applications in the country. Committed to be the leader in the field of Information and Communication Technologies and based on its customer demands for quality products and services, they gradually added on its list of offerings. At present they offer high quality and reliable services, solutions and products combining a range of related products and services to reduce the cost of procurement to its customers.
  • In 2004, CeReTechs was the first Afghan ICT company to be registered with APNIC as a member, and the first telecommunications operator to get AS and its own IP space.
  • CeReTechs engineers and technicians implemented projects in all the provinces of the country.  Its staff has undergone training in the deployed technology solutions and company quality standards and logistics. The staff are diverse and capable of working though difficult security and natural conditions. Local staffs have extensive human resource development programs to improve local working capacities and expertise. A successful practice that enables technology transfer and quick learning techniques includes teams that will include highly qualified international technology experts to work along with the staff to accomplish projects and provide on the job traning.
  • The Systems and Service Team members core competencies is the design, implementation,  operations and maintenance of complex telecommunications networks. This major subcontractor demonstrated track record in designing, implementing and supporting complex telecommunications in Afghanistan for the Ministry of Communications, NATO, ISAF, US the Army/ANA, Etisalat, New Kabul Bank, Da Afghanistan Brishna Shirkat  (Afghanistan Power Company),   and many other local and international companies.
  • Customer satisfaction is as important to us as our quality products. We provide 24X7 phone supports through our Network Operations Center (NOC) with customer care representatives offering teleport and Internet protocol engineering expertise. All requests for assistance are logged into our Remedy Trouble Ticketing System for action by the appropriate resources. Our Customer Service Department works closely with the NOC to assure customer satisfaction.
  • CeReTechs has a number of local and international subcontractors\partner working together on large scale projects. Total number of local and international consultants reaches 300 when doing huge ICT infrastructural projects.  


  • Our proposal consists of the professional services required by the solicitation telecommunications equipment, IT networking equipment and ancillary equipment required to provide a complete solution to the requirements as set forth in the RFP documents. We are fully compliant to the requirements of the RFP.
  • A key to our proposal is the fact that The Team has been working in Afghanistan and has demonstrated on all programs that we are able to deal with difficult physical security issues, with changes to the programs as a consequence of changing customer priorities, the ability to rapidly respond to customer needs, and the ability to successfully build and operate complex satellite- terrestrial networks, including supporting Network Operations Centers, in a short time, at prices that are very competitive. We are proud of our record of performance in Afghanistan.